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Back To School Chiropractic Care

Back Pain Institute of West Texas- Back to School: Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pains

While at school, there are several things that may cause body pain. These things include the carrying of heavy backpacks and other school items. This causes a lot of strain on your back and you seldom remember to maintain an upright posture while walking. Your back, shoulder, and neck are likely to experience severe pain as a result. However, at Back Pain Institute of West Texas, we have qualified and experienced medical staff who can relieve your pain through chiropractic care. Some of the pains you may experience include;

Chiropractor adjusting young boys back

Shoulder Pain

This is the common type of pain likely to result from carrying heavy school luggage. This is because the backpacks are usually hanged on your back as you walk. Neck pain may also occur due to neck twisting while in class. Since you keep on tilting your neck in class, your neck may start experiencing some pain.

Back Pain

It results from the carrying of heavy school items on your back. As you are carrying the backpack, you naturally lean forward while walking. This strains some back muscles and spinal vertebrae. Also, the sitting position in class may contribute to back pain and in some instances, shoulder pain. When you lean forward while sitting in class, you tend to strain the muscles and spinal columns, which make your back and neck, ache.

We have a chiropractor who will manage your pain so that you can be relieved. Herniated discs resulting from degeneration or misalignment of the spinal discs can as well be readjusted by our chiropractor. Our chiropractor achieves this through traction which lowers the underlying pressure on the discs and creates some space for them to go back into.

You can get more information about us by visiting our website: http://www.backpaininstitute.net/ or come to our Back Pain Institute of West Texas offices at 1030 N Grandview Ave Odessa, TX 79761. Call us on: (432) 332-3388.

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