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Headaches & Migraines

Headaches & Migraines from Your Chiropractor in Odessa, TX

Headaches that occur on a chronic basis can make it impossible to maintain a normal daily routine.  Many patients who visit our Back Pain Institute of West Texas have given up the activities they enjoyed the most.  Fortunately, our chiropractor in Odessa can help.  Our practice offers a number of options to help achieve headache or chronic migraine relief in Odessa.

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Headache Overview

Our Odessa chiropractor notes that in general, headaches are puzzling ailments to many patients because there are so many potential causes.  Among the most common are these:

  • Reactions to medications
  • High blood pressure
  • TMJ
  • Low blood sugar
  • Stress
  • Tightness of neck muscles
  • Fatigue

Although there are many types of headaches, the two most common are tension headaches and migraines.  In some ways similar to a migraine, a cluster headache occurs less often.

Among headache patients, roughly three-fourths suffer from tension headaches.  The signs usually increase gradually over a short period but could last for days.  A chronic tension headache might persist for months.  The most common complaint is a never-ceasing dull ache that occurs on either side of the head, or both.  Typical causes include stress on the spinal column, neck, and muscles of the upper back.  In some cases, poor posture is the culprit.  The most frequent cause is subluxations in the neck—particularly the upper neck—and the upper back.

Migraines strike around 25 million U.S. patients yearly.  About 75 percent of sufferers are female.  Patients report a throbbing, intense pain often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and noises.  Some report seeing an aura before other symptoms arise.  Migraines last anywhere from several hours to days.  The cause is a pattern of blood vessels in the brain constricting, then dilating.  While there are many possible triggers, the most typical are stress, certain foods, lack of sleep, changes in the weather, and particular odors.

Headache Treatment in Odessa

Our chiropractor in Odessa provides totally natural therapies that achieve relief without resorting to medication or surgery.  Chiropractic adjustments are a very important part of headache treatment in Odessa.  Research shows that they have achieved notable results in treating and managing tension headaches.

Headache or chronic migraine relief in Odessa begins with a comprehensive evaluation from our doctor.  A combination of manipulation of the two top cervical vertebrae plus adjustments to the junction of the cervical and the thoracic spine is effective for many sufferers of tension headaches.  It is also useful in treating migraines when combined with trigger avoidance.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Odessa Chiropractor

Don’t let headaches sidetrack an active life.  Our Odessa chiropractor, Dr. Mark Mehaffey, provides a full range of services for conditions such as neck pain, sports injuries, sprains and strains, back pain, and sciatica as well as headache treatment in Odessa.  Our Back Pain Institute of West Texas offers state-of-the-art yet natural care.  Call us today at (432) 332-3388 to schedule a consultation and take your first step toward wellness.

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