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Knee Pain

Relief From Knee Pain With Our Odessa Chiropractor

Pain in your body raises concerns about your health. It suggests that you have an injury or a problem with the area. When you notice knee pain, you want to seek treatment from our chiropractor here at Back Pain Institute of West Texas to address your concerns. Our Odessa chiropractor offers the treatment you need to heal from an injury or problem with your knee.

Woman with knee pain receiving chiropractic care.

Symptoms of a Knee Injury

The symptoms of a knee injury depend on the specific type of problem. Since knee pain stems from multiple factors, you will want to pay attention to the specific type of pain you experience. 

An obvious symptom of a problem is a chronic pain in your knee or both knees. You may also notice swelling, stiffness in the knees or instability. In some cases, you will hear your knee popping when you change your position. You may also notice redness or heat in the area.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

The common causes of knee pain depend on your situation. Injuries to the knee are a common reason for the pain. You may have an ACL tear, a fracture in the bone or injuries to other areas of your knees. 

The pain may also stem from mechanical problems in your knees. Changing the way you walk to address pain in your feet or hips, for example, can cause pain in your knees. A dislocated kneecap also causes physical pain and discomfort.

In some cases, knee pain stems from arthritis. The pain causes swelling, heat, and inflammation in the area. You want to address the symptoms by reducing the inflammation to the area.

How Our Chiropractor Helps with Your Chronic Pain

Our chiropractor helps with chronic pain in your knees by addressing the cause of your pain. Since the pain falls into three main types: mechanical problems, injuries and arthritis pain, we evaluate the underlying problems. We then develop a strategy to help reduce your pain.

When our chiropractor develops a personalized plan of action, you will have a solution for your discomfort. In most cases, we use chiropractic adjustments to the knees to help reduce your pain. We also use cold laser therapy to help alleviate pain from inflammation in the joint. Our treatment depends on the cause of your pain, so we develop a custom strategy based on your situation and needs. By focusing on a custom strategy, our chiropractor offers a holistic and non-invasive solution for pain relief.

Contact Back Pain Institute of West Texas for Knee Pain Relief

Treating injuries to your knees or pain in your knees is a process. At Back Pain Institute of West Texas, we identify the cause of your pain before developing a treatment strategy for your goals. To learn more about treating knee pain or for an appointment with our chiropractor in Odessa, call (432) 332-3388 today.

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