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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Odessa TX

Lower back pain can happen to adults young and old. At Back Pain Institute, we strive to offer natural back pain relief to patients in Odessa and the surrounding community. Whether you're seeking treatment for an injury of the lower back, or you're seeking help for a chronic condition, chiropractic care for back pain can help.

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Causes for Lower Back Pain

There are many different reasons that people in Odessa experience lower back pain. Knowing the cause of your lower back pain is the first step to getting treatment for your condition.

Poor posture. Poor posture can cause subluxations, which leads to pain. A subluxation is a condition that occurs when the spinal cord presses against the vertebrae of the spine.

Ergonomics. Poor ergonomic conditions at work and at home can put pressure on the spine, which can lead to lower back pain.

Career. Repetitive motions and jobs that require hard physical labor can put strain on the lower back, resulting in pain. This is particularly true of jobs that involve lifting and twisting.

Lifestyle. People who lead an active lifestyle can cause their own lower back pain by engaging intense physical activities like gardening, weight lifting, household chores and other activities.

Chronic pain. Chronic pain can occur as the result of a variety of chronic conditions or because of an injury that hasn't healed well.

Herniated disc. A herniated disc is a condition that occurs when the disc between the vertebrae protrudes from the tough casing that encloses the disc.

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain in Odessa

At Back Pain Institute in Odessa TX, we use a variety of chiropractic methods to treat our patients. The primary method of treatment is spinal adjustment. Spinal adjustment can restore range of motion, reduce pressure on the joints of the back and improve communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Overall, this technique can help the body heal itself and improve patient's physical performance. In addition to spinal adjustment, we also use the following techniques to help patients manage their lower back pain:

Stretches and exercises. We teach our patients to do stretches and exercises that can help strengthen the muscles and improve range of motion.

Massage therapy. Massage therapy helps improve circulation and reduce inflammation in the body.

Lifestyle advice. We suggest healthy lifestyle changes that can help patients avoid further injury and manage their current pain.

Contact Your Odessa Chiropractor Today

As your chiropractor in Odessa, we use a variety of all natural, gentle chiropractic techniques to help our patients manage their lower back pain. Whether you're experiencing lower back pain as a result of an injury or because of a chronic condition, we can help relieve the pressure on your spine and speed the healing process. To make an appointment for chiropractic care with your Odessa chiropractor, contact us today at (432) 332-3388.

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