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Treating Vertigo with Chiropractic Care

Vertigo can be a serious condition to overcome. At the Back Pain Institute of West Texas, we know that this condition is more than just simple dizziness. At our Odessa location, we can help you find relief for your vertigo. Our chiropractor has years of experience and can provide you with lasting relief. To get a better understanding of vertigo and the services we offer, take a look at the information we put together and get in touch with us today for help with vertigo.


What is Vertigo

Vertigo is the sensation of feeling off-balance. This is more than simple dizziness, although, dizziness can be a part of vertigo. Vertigo feels like your whole world is spinning around you, or you are spinning around it. It can come with a loss of balance and general discomfort. Vertigo can have many root causes, but an imbalance in the inner ear is often the primary cause. 

The Symptoms of Vertigo

The key symptom of vertigo is an incredible feeling of dizziness. This is accompanied by swaying, tilting, struggling to find balance, and even falling over. Often it can feel like being pulled in one direction and as a result, you end up tilting to that side.

Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, a ringing sensation in the ears, headaches, and sharp or jerking eye movements. These symptoms can last for minutes or hours. Vertigo can also come and go during this period. You might feel some symptoms for a few minutes and then others for the duration of the ailment.

How Our Chiropractor Can Treat Vertigo

We understand that vertigo can be an incredibly complicated problem to face. We want you to know that you don't have to face vertigo alone. We can help you find stability no matter how frequent or intense your vertigo occurs.

One of the main ways we can help treat your vertigo is through joint manipulations. These manipulations will bring the muscles and joints of the body back into alignment. When your body is in alignment, it will help bring relief to your vertigo symptoms. We can treat vertigo with different methods and techniques depending on your specific condition.

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It’s time to get relief for your vertigo. At the Back Pain Institute of West Texas, we can help you you’re your balance. Get in touch with our Odessa, TX location to schedule your appointment today by calling us at (432) 332-3388.

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